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Tenda Bow™

Tenda Bow™ Stops the heat! Proven effective for bowed tendons, both new and old as well as any suspensory problems where soreness, heat and swelling exists. Tenda Bow™ is used with bandages from knees and hocks down to the ankles and results can be achieved in just a few applications. Serious bows may require up to 10 days of treatment. Safe for use in conjunction with magnetic or laser therapy. May be used after exercise or training as a preventative. Will not blister.

Using fingertips, apply Tenda Bow™ liberally from knee to ankle, completely around the leg. Massage for 1 to 2 minutes. Apply a second coating, do not massage. Wrap with 3-4 layers of plastic wrap and cover with your choice of bandages. Wash off and reapply daily.

Available Sizes:
32oz Item# THP0014 12/case
MSRP $17.50

128oz Item# THP0015 4/case
MSRP $28.99

I love this product. Anytime there is a tendon issue I reach for Tenda-bow. It tightens and cools. I have used it on a bowed tendon and had them return to normal, even in heavy work. I race Standardbreds. It is my go-to product. - Kasei, ME

Tenda Bow - thp0014 - thp0015
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