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Cedar Oil

Tenda Cedar Oil is a wood and leather preservative.

Dilute to desired strength and apply. Wear protective gloves while handling this product.

Available Sizes:
16oz Item# THP0024 12/case
MSRP $19.99

Cedar Oil for back yard mosquito repellant. I am using cedar oil mixed with sawdust in a sock. By hanging these around my sitting area and back steps it seems to be keeping the mosquitos away. If this continues to work this summer I will have found a answer to my mosquito problem.- Robert Potter

Using cedar oil instead of a blister I was first introduced to cedar oil by an aboriginal shaman.. Successfully used cedar oil applied externally on hock problems. Was unable to find in tack shops for some time and was delighted to obtain from Big Dees. Glad to report that a filly that was scheduled to have an internal blister for stifle problem has responded well from applications of your product. I cancelled the Veterinarian. - Robert Rose Trainer, ON

Cedar oil for keeping fies off pets I have been using a combination of cedar oil and water in a sprayer for keeping flies off of my two newfoundland dogs before walking them at the park. Just make sure you shake the bottle before spraying. Works great!Safe for pets! - Francine

Cedar Oil Shipped promptly and made an old antique cedar chest smell like new. - James Cauble, TX

Cedar Oil - thp0024
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