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Equine Shine
Super Concentrated Shampoo

Bathe your horse for just pennies! Equine Shine Super Concentrated Shampoo is a Ph balanced, DEA Free and non-irritating equine shampoo that yields superior suds and effortlessly rinses clean to leave your horses coat clean and shiny. Suitable for everyday use, this formula will not overdry the skin or hair coat. Equine Shine Super Concentrated Shampoo features a pleasant lavendar scent, is 100% environmentally friendly and biodegradable and is suitable for all classes of horses. Just one gallon lasts up to 128 washings!

Each depression of the included pump dispenses 1 oz of Equine Shine Super Concentrated Shampoo.

In a clean 5 gallon bucket dispense 1oz of shampoo and and spray water to fill bucket 2/3 way full (approximatly 3 gallons). For maximum sudsing use luke warm water.

Using a sponge or towel, apply the shampoo mixture to the horses coat, mane and tail. Massage into a rich lather to loosen up any embedded dirt, stains and grime. Thoroughly rinse the horse with clean running water until no suds remain. Use a sweat scraper to remove excess water and dry the horse as desired.

Available Sizes:
128oz Item# THP0055 4/case
MSRP $32.99

Equine Shine Super Concentrated Shampoo - thp0055
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